A quick update on COVID-19 to our valued learners:

The economic impact of this pandemic is clearly astronomical. With regards to clinical rotations, we are seeing and will continue to see a significant increase in demand for quality clinical sites from all the healthcare students and learners on the sideline during these times. Coupled with the slow return of hospitals and preceptors willing to host students, there will clearly be a supply:demand mismatch. Clinical Rotation has always prided itself in being a marketplace, meaning our preceptors determine cost (like Airbnb). Although we don’t control the cost, our preceptors are always encouraged to precept at the lowest possible rate. Anyone who reserved a rotation prior to the pandemic that was affected, will see absolutely no change or increase of cost/fees. Additionally, refunds of deposits are without any cancellation fees. Moving forward, we fully plan on impacting the economic shift when things return to normal and attempt to control any rise in costs to future students and learners by leveraging this intimate relationship with our clinical partners and big picture goals of preventing increased student debt to our healthcare learners.