New data supporting the continued strain on clinical clerkships for healthcare students in the U.S. The need to fill the doctor and healthcare provider shortage is at odds with the shortage of clinical placements. We need to think outside the box when it comes to clinical education as quality matters!


“Deans also are worried about the dearth of clinical training sites for clerkships and rotations. As enrollment of students across the health professions expands to meet the health care needs of a growing and aging population, schools are finding it harder to find high-quality sites for education across their communities.

According to the survey, 85% of respondents were concerned about the number of training sites, while 88% were worried about the supply of qualified preceptors.

“As our medical schools have expanded, they need more training opportunities for students,” Grover says. “Everyone is competing for the same clerkship sites. It’s certainly something we hear more and more about all the time.”

The survey found that 46% of respondents felt moderate to severe pressure to pay for training slots. However, 53% of schools do not do so. The top three specialties that see the biggest shortages in training spots are obstetrics and gynecology at 55%, pediatrics at 52%, and family medicine at 47%.”

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